Grey Owl


The true story of an extraordinary man. He was a bigamist, a showman and a liar – he even duped the British Royal Family – and when he was exposed his fall from grace was spectacular. But he was also an environmental crusader way ahead of his time who fought passionately to save threatened species and his beloved Canadian wilderness from mankind’s destructive ways. He was ‘Grey Owl’, the most celebrated ‘Native American’ of his day. But Archibald Stansfeld Belaney – his real name – was no such thing. He was a Hastings schoolboy who later moved to Canada and killed thousands of animals as a fur trapper before an extraordinary epiphany transformed him into a conservationist who spread his message worldwide – albeit via a fake identity. Directed by Richard Attenborough (Gandhi, Cry Freedom) and starring former ‘James Bond’ Pierce Brosnan.