‘The Piano Framed’ – Album Release

14th July 2020

In a new album release, ‘The Piano Framed’ features a selection of new solo piano arrangements of film and television themes composed by George Fenton.

The album includes themes from Shadowlands, The Blue Planet, Dangerous Liaisons, You’ve Got Mail, Groundhog Day and The Lady in The Van, all arranged and performed by one of London’s most sought after pianists, Simon Chamberlain.

Describing the album, George said, “The pieces haven’t been chosen for their success or notoriety, or because they are of a particular genre but because they reflect my background.

“Variety has been one of the greatest privileges of my writing life. I’ve been able to write in many different styles and immerse myself in different cultures of music.

“I thought to make the album of a certain mood would be a false representation of what my catalogue has really been about.”

Simon Chamberlain’s arrangements featured on the album capture the styles of their original intent including classical, jazz, romantic comedy, humour and drama while providing listeners with pieces to indulge in moments of concentration or relaxation.

A limited edition vinyl and CD of the album is available in the store here.

An extended 24-track version is available on digital platforms here.